50k performance


50k per second is a bold promise

let’s do some calculations:

we should take into account that we are limited not only by cpu but also by network speed and latencies

if we have 100 mbit/sec internet connection then (100 000 000/50 000)/8 = 250 bytes per transaction
actually less because of latency and tcp headers

so to get 50k /sec rate each transaction have to be 250 bytes or less - is it enough? maybe, I don know

in real life there are not much people with true 100 Mbit connection
so I think 5-10k is also very good result but 50k looks unreachable

or maybe i’m wrong?


Welcome to the forum :+1:.

With EOS you can’t mine from home. The miners (called Block Producers) are in datacenters and they have very fast connections. Dan talkes about severl MBs per second with 100K transactions per second, but that’s no problem for the BPs.

So if you run a node from home it’s just a node that checks your own transactions and the hashes of the blocks in Merkle trees. So you should be able to verify all the work these BPs are doing without doing it all yourself.