A simple open source EOS tool on Android


Hi guys, I write an open source EOS tool on Android
If you wish to build a wallet, you can refer to it. Or if you wish to do some validation, you can use it too.
Despite most common functions, I added some special things:
1: Contract broswer. you can input account name, and get all contracts it published, and run it!
So using it, you can send almost all actions ,only if you know the account name.
2: Buy/Sell RAM at specified price.
you can input price you wish to buy/sell, and a time(ex. 1 min), it’ll check the RAM price at the time you specified , and do the trade if it meets your specified price.

It’s open source, so if you wish to add more functions or do some tests, you can write code on it, it makes validation easier. And welcome anyone contribute to it.

it’s location: https://github.com/maodaishan/bctest