Aidrops coming to EOS (26 projects listed)


Hi, Rene. How are you?
I want you to know that Cards & Tokens have change aur airdrop format.
We will perform 2 airdrops instead of 1.

Users have to register only to receive the second airdrop.
For the first one NO ACTION will be required.

You can find more info here:

May be we can be added to the list now?


Yeah sure… Will add it right now.


New Airdrop: EOS Classic [EOSC]

EOS Classic is the first EOS fork based blockchain platform, a consensus blockchain operating system that provides databases, account permissions, scheduling, authentication, and internet-application communication to massively improve the efficiency of smart business development that uses parallelization to make possible blockchain scalability to millions of users and millions of transactions per second.

Using the same EOSIO software base codes, EOS Classic aims to strengthen the DPOS consensus by enlarging the vote candidates, allowing 105 block producers to validate the blockchain network. Therefore, ecosystem of the DAPP platform can be supported by over 10000 TPS blockchain network without any chances of double spend or 51% attack vulnerability. Block Producers and the voters are simply earning their fair reward, we believe they deserve it, and the coin development can be supported by the community.


Hey, is there some more info about the team behind this project?


I’m massively disappointed with EOS. It’s business as usual, discriminate against the poor. As usual, opportunity has a hierarchy. Might as well be centralized. I own 51 EOS which I bought at $14 because I believed in the project. My support isn’t worthy of a reward, even though it took me months and months to save up. Gutted!


You are confused, you will get tokens on the mainnet EOS, this EOS Classic is a fork and not the main chain.


No, I am not confused. Every single DApp Airdrop I have seen so far require 100 EOS minimal.


That is the decision of the independent teams making the airdrops, not the fault of EOS itself. Of course, I don’t think it bodes well for the EOS Classic community that they are excluding minnow investors in their fork. For it to be a true fork they should support all users, otherwise how will they expect proper adoption?

As for other airdrops, eosDAC did allow smaller amounts on request. Not perfect I know, but better than full exclusion.

I’m guessing they are doing this to reduce the cost of their airdrops in some way. Less transactions means less cost.


transactions are free


Not on Ethereum, on which all airdrops have happened so far.


This is why I’m annoyed by it because its a direct action against lesser holders, even though they may have paid more. and BTW, I heard Daniel Larimer mention the 100 minimal first so he started this.


I’m talking about onwards after mainnet


Probably habit set by precedent. It is still the fault of those doing the airdrops and not EOS itself.


Well I hope common sense kicks in and people share the love. Westerners are so blinded by their wealth, they forget the rest of the world yet they like to talk on a grand global scale. Anyway, we’ll see I guess. Cheers Anton.


Yes, I hope so too. If my own project takes off the ground enough to do an airdrop, I’ll definitely remember those with small balances.


I wonder if I can receive air-drop on my Infinito wallet? It support eos very well and I’m longing for those upcoming airdrops too.


If it has support for the new EOS-blockcain that’s coming in the next few days it is supported. But I bet it gives you an Ethereum-address. And EOS and Ethereum are no longer connected. So nobody will drop anything on your Ethereum-address. Best is to own your private key for the real EOS-blockchain and hold you tokens over there.


Just added YAIR to the list.


Hi. I’d like to presnt you our new project - blockchain EOS based game with a mages.
At any EOS holder could receive a mage and send him on a tournament. Thousands of unique mages with a tons of unique staff. Registration is opened already.


Was Project 22 Wizards One Vetted?

I think its a Scammm