Aidrops coming to EOS (3 projects listed)


Just as the title suggests: a list of projects airdropping* tokens to EOS-tokenholders. Please notice that I just list the projects. I have not done research on them and I won’t share links of projects that ask you to retweet, register on a website or do whatever to get tokens. Feel feel to reply to this topic if you miss a project in this list.

1. Everipedia

First project that announced to drop tokens to EOS-tokenholders on Ethereum. The date will be announced 2 weeks in advance.

2. Scatter

Tweeted out a picture of an airplane after the word about an airdrop got out on Telegram.

3. eosDAC

This project claims to be a “Community Owned Block Producer” and they launched a website announcing an Airdrop on April 15.

*Airdrop: giving away tokens/coins for free to people