Airdrop contracts


Can anyone put here the contract adresses for the major airdrops which are ongoing now, and future ones?
Thank you!


when we have a mainnet for use you will get airdrops based on your token amount over 100 and will need to claim if less … best wait for the drop rather than going to contract addresses as theres al ot of risk with scammers… they will airdrop to us INSIDE the mainnet …


when we have mainnet? we alredy have main net…


Only a few require the 100 minimum too. Most airdrops are 1:1


I can’t guarantee the information is accurate and up to date because I’ve seen incorrect info but as far as I am aware most people are using:


Oh … I didn’t know we have an accessible main net … do you have a link I’d like to go in And look around check it out see if any dapps are made … maybe theirs a voting tool and wallet I can transfer my new eos tokens to … see if anyone has an airdrop waiting for me … I don’t like leaving them on these current options I have (scatter/greymass) no offence intended and I don’t know where else to put them … but would love the link thanks


there are very many daps build on EOS as we speak. Here are some:

Described as a portal to the EOS ecology, MEET will allow users to manage and exchange EOS ecological assets. It’s designed to offer a user-friendly interface and store all user assets on the EOS public net.

Chaince - CET
A blockchain asset trading platform focused on EOS projects, Chaince aims to provide its users with access to quality listed products, transparent trading services and high-level security of assets.

Everipedia - IQ
An online encyclopaedia with an ever-expanding database of more than 6 million articles, Everipedia is the world’s largest English online encyclopaedia. IQ tokens will be used on its peer-to-peer blockchain network to vote on protocol upgrades and further submissions as well as on modifications to Everipedia’s database.

Scatter - RIDL
Scatter is a web browser extension that allows users to securely sign transactions and provide private data to applications communicating with the EOS blockchain without exposing any sensitive information. It uses RIDL, or Reputation and Identity Layer, to provide identity verification and reputation management across all networks.

HorusPay - HORUS
A decentralised global payroll portal, HorusPay allows companies to exchange private encrypted data with international payroll vendors. 900 million tokens from a total token supply of 1.2 billion will be made available for the airdrop.

HireVibes - HVT
HireVibes is a decentralised jobs platform that rewards users with HireVibes tokens for applying to, or offering successful referrals for, job openings. 250 million HVT (out of a total fixed supply of 350 million HVT) will be airdropped to all EOS token holders within 90 days of the EOS blockchain launch.

Evolution - Evolution
A community-driven adaptation of the EOS.IO software, Evolution aims to create a truly decentralised EOS blockchain by evenly distributing tokens, preventing the pooling of votes by large stakeholders and increasing the number of Block Producers. Evolution tokens will be distributed through a multi-phased airdrop.

A online gambling portal built on the EOS blockchain, EOSBet aims to provide users with a decentralised, scalable and “provably fair” experience. It also boasts zero house edge or fees for users, and has so far completed a proof-of-concept on the Ethereum mainnet with two games, Dice and Slots.

Xenon Network - XNN
The Xenon Network plans to be a fork of the EOS blockchain that aims to improve on the original EOS project through it’s alternative token distribution method. Tokens will be distributed in three phases. The first phase concluded in 2017 with an airdrop to Ethereum addresses, the second phase is underway in Q1 & Q2 of 2018 for linked Bitcoin addresses, and the third was an exclusive developer and partner airdrop that concluded in January 2018.

In it’s own words, EOS Cafe is a “decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) that is owned by and guided by owners of BEANS”. It aims to be something of a physical and digital developer hub that will promote EOS education, meetups and colaboration. It is also partnered with EOS Calgary, a proposed EOS block producer.

Iryo Network - IRYO
Iryo is a blockchain based healthcare network that aims to decentralise and standardise the storage of medical data. The Iryo token will be used at an institutional level to provide access to the platform, as well asincentivise users to share their data anonymously with research bodies. Tokens are being sold through an ICO, with 5% of the total token supply set aside for an airdrop available to those who register.

and more…
scatter also built a very nice app, that encrypts you keys locally and when you use some website it sends the encrypted identity to the site you interract with… mutch more safe than MEW if you login and past in you private key for example.

for mainnet being online for only 1 week, i have never seen so many portals and wallet came out the first week for any project… it took very long time for MEW come to Etherium for example.

Scatter is very nice app. It cant get any more secure than that.

I am using and log in with scatter identity. simple and you can do most things … like creating / managing wallet / vote / bid on names and more…

give it a fiew more weeks and you have 5 other to choose from


i really appreciate all the work gone into sourcing these … i guess i’m still not their yet when it comes to seeing eos as a place to go … you know like hey heres a site called eos its got wallets voting tools and a list of dapps that i can choose to stake my tokens use the dapp … stop using it unstake, maybe rent my tokens for someone who wants them… lend them out to a good cause … yeah im not their yet …still most appreciated


i guess it’s better to google it, but anyway be careful… cause sometimes it can turn out to be a scam


Is there any airdrop available now?