Are your tokens registered?


I used website to see if my tokens are registered. I have made two lots of token purchases since the crowd sale…

First lot I sent to the contract address by accident. The second lot i sent to MyEtherWallet.

I used the above website to check registration, the second lot of EOS tokens appear as registered but the first lot (sent to contract address appears as not registered).

I have registered all Eos tokens under the same Wallet Address which I used to accidentally send to the contract address. The Wallet address which I used to register the Eos public key is the same wallet address etherscan has me as sending to the contract address.

I was able to claim the airdrop for EOS Dac tokens for both purchases though for some reason the ones sent to the contract address are not appearing as registered on

I have contacted support many times, but no reply. I am becoming concerned as countdown is almost over and no reply from support.

Any help would be great. Thankyou for your response to my situation.


Start with these 2 things:

  • Do you have a Ethereum address where you own the private key?
  • Are there any EOS-tokens on that address??

If you joined the ICO using the ICO-contract you need to “claim” the tokens and see them show up on your Ethereum-address.

That’s the first step. If you bought any on an exchange you also need to send them to the Ethereum-address.

So, after that is done… Let’s go to step 2:

You need to create a EOS-keypair. That is: an EOS-address (starts with the letters EOS…).

After that is done you need to register that public EOS-address in the Ethereum-blockchain. That is what registering is all about. So now the Ethereum-contract contains the following information:

  • This Ethereum address is linked to this public EOS-address.
  • During the snapshot your Ethereum address will be read out. That way the Block Producers grab your balance and public EOS-address (staring with the letters EOS…) and make you the owner of the tokens on the EOS-blockchain.

I hope this helps a bit. Take it step by step.