Asteroid Rush — EOSIO-based blockchain MMO-strategy


Hey, EOS community!

I am a community-manager of Asteroid Rush game. We’re developing blockchain MMO-Strategy based on our own ESO-side chain. In our game players can become prospectors in our solar system’s main asteroid belt. Anyone who dreams of profit can develop rich asteroids and participate in the blockchain economy.

We are releasing our game in 2019, pre-sale and pre-alfa version coming in Q1!

So, what’s inside?
— Assemble a mining crew, train ‘em up
— Buy a patent on asteroid mining
— Choose the most valuable one and deploy your crew at once
— Fight in PVP battles for the right to develop an asteroid
— Gather valuable resources
— Trade all your loot for AR-Credits to level your team
— or… Trade it for tokens to make a profit!
More to come later after release!

And all that on the blockchain:
— All game mechanics, assets, and asteroids and the resources mined on them stored in blockchain
— This provides transparency and guarantees that the player’s possessions remain theirs
— Blockchain also enables the team to create a real, fair cashless barter economy

In summary, Asteroid Rush is a browser-based strategy game where each prospector is a character collection card with varying parameters, many of which can be improved. Asteroids are the goal of your expedition and your source of valuable resources. All of your prospecting achievements are safely stored on the blockchain, which means that you as the player actually own them.

Official website
More links on the website!


By the way, we just showed our first screenshot:

Also be sure to check out our FAQ on reddit or ask me questions or give your thoughts!


Some simple info-graphics, how our gameplay looks like:

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Is it coming soon? Or already released?


We are ready to start a pre-sale very-very soon!



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From now you can purchase a Founder’s kit and Pi-Astro with a discount of up to 50%! Don’t miss a chance to obtain Legendary Colonists in your team. Besides, own a pet license, consumable kits and more!

If you decide to buy Legendary Founder’s kit you will get special Captain Founder Badge that gives you access to Fonder channel in our Discord server, Early Access to game client and more individual offers.

Pre-sale will be available until 12 of May. Start to build your asteroid mining empire today!

Be sure to check out our updated Official Website:
And FAQ:


How it’s going, prospectors? Asteroid Rush just passed the first presale day and 2 Legendary Kits were sold already. It’s really cool and we just updated our FAQ for new Asteroid Rushers. You can find it over here:

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Did you know that we not only started our presale, but updated our web site? Tons of info: about the game, FAQ, whitepaper and gorgeous home page with a beautiful pics and game screenshots! Take a look:


We are on, awsome note:

As also on Cryptonews! Yay!


One more good and detailed article about Asteroid Rush was published by the team from

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Did you see Asteroid Rush game screenshots? Take a look.

Here you can find how our game will look. Like it?

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One week ago we started our presale and now only 84 Legendary Founders Kits left! And one player bought 10 kits in one load. Unbelievable!

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Good BlockchainGamer.Net team makes an entertaining post about our presale. You can check it here:


Do you know, that we have huge plans for Asteroid Rush? We make a project roadmap with milestones. So, if you want to know what will be added in Asteroid Rush after launch you can find it here:


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Attention prospectors! The spacecraft launch is going to the second stage. New sale session for Founder Kits is open now. Hurry up! Discount is getting lower. New prices will be active for three more weeks.

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