Asteroid Rush — EOSIO-based blockchain MMO-strategy

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I like your promotion and the game looks nice, so I will give a try:)

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Good news everyone! 100 presale users! 100 Asteroid miners already ready to start mining. And more will come soon! Guys, you are awesome.

We want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: what are the professions and how they are used in the game.

Let’s start from the beginning. Each colonist can have а profession. Actually, several different professions at the same time as the more trained colonists can get more than one. Some pioneers will have a profession from the start, but usually, they ‘learn’ it after repeating the same job a few times. For example, if you send your crew to an asteroid mining, and do it repeatedly then most likely members of the expedition will become miners.

Each profession gives colonist different bonuses. But more importantly, it defines the perks the colonist can get during a professional level-up. Some perks give a boost to stats, some increase the effectiveness of actions. Every profession has 10 levels. Then your colonist gets enough work experience and is ready to level-up his profession, you can pay some resources to make it happen. Note that every subsequent level will require more resources to be achieved.

Let take a look at current professions in Asteroid Rush. We have:

Commando - a soldier profession that specializes in battles and teammates covering during mining expeditions. They have better skills in skirmish and surviving.
Miner- an engineer profession. Miner can get more ore from deposits. And they are less tired doing it.
Geologist - a scientist profession. Geologist has bonuses at geological exploration and can get more rare ore from the deposits.
Colonist - a jack-of-trades profession. They are a bit of everything, and also understand medicine to a degree, that will help reducing crew recovery time.

Later on, we will be adding some new professions like, for example, ‘a teacher’.The teacher will be more successful in teaching young colonists new skills.

If you already own some colonists contracts and want to know more about their jobs, join our Discord or Telegram chats.

Each colonist has 4 main parameters - Stamina, Willpower, Intellect and Luck. Basic values of these parameters depend mainly on random and a bit on the training level of the colonists and can be improved by leveling up a profession and obtaining positive perks. Let’s take a closer look at each parameter:

Stamina is the main stat for miners as they will have max profit from it. Stamina increases endurance level (reduce

Energy depleting speed thus helping colonists in becoming tireless.

Willpower increases the battle potential of colonists so it is quite useful for a commando.

Intellect works best for scientists. Colonists with the greater intellect increase their chances in finding rare materials as well as gaining additional experience.

Luck helps your crew members to be a bit more successful in every action.

Colonists also have their HPs and Energy level. HPs determines how many hits a colonist could take before he will be brought down (not killed but automatically frozen for the following revival). And Energy defines the current fatigue state. Every action requires energy to be spent, and, if it drops too low, that drastically affects the efficiency of a colonist. Energy replenishes itself over time, and certain perks, consumables, VIP-services, and, of course, high Stamina could greatly speed up this process.

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As you know, during the presale of Asteroid Rush the players can get colonists of 4 types:

Uncommon — these are easily trained guys that can be used to fill empty slots in your team. They do not have much experience in their professions (if any), and usually, have few perks.

Rare — more trained crew, but still not the greatest ones. They usually have one trained profession and some good perks.

Epic — great colonist. These are among the best for any job. They are exceptionally trained and have an even greater range of perk.

Legendary — best of the best. You can’t find better crew members. In their arsenal are the excellent stats, experience in several professions and the best-ranked perks.

Later you also will be able to hire some common colonists. Usually, they have only some basic training and aren’t preselected in terms of their stats.

Resource mining

Asteroid mining is the main activity in Asteroid Rush. In general, it is as simple as it sounds — you can mine resources from the asteroids, bring it back to your base and sell them to get a different kind of services and tokens. But let’s take a closer look.

The thing is that you can not just get to an asteroid and start mining anywhere. First, you have to get a mining license to the specific asteroid class. There are four classes: Delta, Gamma, Beta and Alpha — from the worst to best. The higher the class of an asteroid the more valuable resources you will get from it. And so the licenses get more expensive too.

Attention prospectors! We have 2 news for you!

The 2nd stage of the presale discount is going to end today, and the final stage begins! Get your team ready and packed!

At the same time, we are changing the Pi-Astro exchange rate for other cryptocurrencies due to growing BTC.
Following the news of the crypto world!

Note that in some rare cases you can face a bug with an absent discount timer of the presale page. To fix this problem just clean your browser cache.
If you have any questions about Pi-Astro or Founder Kits we will be glad to answer it on our chats in Discord or Telegram:

Now you have your first mining patent and are ready to start an expedition.

You have to prepare a team and choose a suitable mining tactic.

Fast gathering — your crew will try to collect resources as fast as possible. Expedition time will be greatly reduced but your team will not check up the collected ore on the spot, so there is a higher chance that most of it will be a waste rock.

Standard procedure — the balanced approach. The team will be more careful and will try to find more rich ore deposits. But it will take more time thus increasing the chances to get into a skirmish.

Sorting and selecting — the slowest one but the most rewarding one. Your crew will be focused on sorting ore and finding the best resources. But be careful — it will take time during which your team will be very vulnerable to enemy raiding. Better be ready for it.

Always remember that your team may face another mining expedition. Rich asteroids may be crawling with miners and commandos of other players. So plan your expedition accordingly.

Hey prospectors! We have good news for you!

We are opening our revenue share program for partners (web-sites, forums, blogs, Telegram/YouTube channels, etc etc) . Recruit new Asteroid miner to the game and get the % from the purchase.

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P.S Referral program for players will be available soon.

Your team is ready for the expedition. It is time to choose, how they will get to the asteroid. There are two options:

By a shuttle — a regular spaceship that belongs to the AR Inc. You can purchase a ticket for your expedition and receive a fixed storage space on the ship. Your expedition will be ended if your team fills up the storage space or shuttle will take the course back to base.

By a personal spaceship. Later in the game, you will have this option (quite expensive by the way!) that will help you to plan your expeditions more freely and with more options. You will be able to choose any flight time, get more storage and don’t pay for those flight tickets!

Hey! Today we prepared our team page. Do you want to know who are working on Asteroid Rush? Just open this:

So, are the tokens gonna be used in the in-game environment?

What crypto can I use in pre sale if I want to buy something to upgrate my player?

Attention astro-prospectors!

While creating the base on Ceres, AR Inc. have encountered some additional financial challenges. Unfortunately, the project did not get the required support due to the lack of an appropriate marketing budget.

At the moment AR Inc. is negotiating with several crypto and gamedev investors, and we are planning to close the second round of investments in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, it was decided to prolong the Asteroid Rush pre-sale till the 12th of July – for two more months, so all interested in the project have more time to get the status of a Founder and assemble their crews at a discount price!

Anyone who has bought any Founder’s Kit before the 12th of May 2019 as a reward for their support and patience will get x2 Founder’s Tokens on their accounts and also, after the launch of alpha version of the game:

A special unique looking pet.
A vote during the selection of the battle space suits look.
Different unique battle space suits for all of their colonists acquired before the 12th of May 2019 according to their training rarity level.

AR Inc. can also provide the refund for anyone who decides to cancel their Founder status and to withdraw from the project at the point – all of the gathered tokens are safely stored on the contract’s wallet.

If you want to cancel your support, please, write a letter to with such a request and provide the link to the transaction or the address name of the sender and the information about your purchase.

And if you have any ideas about how to improve the support and the renown of Asteroid Rush project, do not hesitate to write to us! We will be happy to hear them!

I guess, there’re many players in this game, right?)

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