Best wallet for new EOS token buyer


Hi Everyone

My name is Marvin I’m new here.

I’m buying some EOS soon. However, I’m just wondering what’s the best wallet.
I know as far as safety hardware is always the best. Just not sure if I will be able to vote and get airdrops.
However I like simplEOS as far as being able to vote, also there are airdrops.
I would like to know how safe is simplEOS will my private keys be safe.
Can I now register simplEOS and activate the account without help from an active account holder.

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I guess, it’s Scatter. Use Desktop one. Pretty safe.
You just need some EOS to start using any wallets on EOS. You know this, right?

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There are a bunch of good EOS’s wallets. You can check the article to learn about them. As for me, I prefer Scatter EOS Wallet



I also suggest Scatter its safe and simple.