Best wallet for new EOS token buyer

I didn’t hear of Scatter, thanks for your advice

I haven’t either! But I know there is this Trumpcoin :laughing:

ahah there’re so many funny coin names these days:joy:

Will try few of them and would recommend. Till now, I am holding my EOS on exchanges.

Trumpcoin? Wow! I have never heard about it.

Maybe one day we should create coins with our names :rofl:

But there should be a desktop version anyway, shoudn’t it?

Seems like many have already contracted this disease

But this is not the safest way to hold your funds

It depends on the wallet, some of them release a desktop version

ahah I like your idea:smiley:
Let me know if you create your coin))

Yes! It’s like a disease.

Sure I will! No doubt! :rofl:

Would you like to have your own coin? :rofl:

ahah some day, why not? :sweat_smile:But I don’t know how to call it yet. What about you?)

The same thing. But it should be something special and unique.

let me know when you come up with the idea
I’m interested:upside_down_face:

Sure:) I will let you know.

How are you going to back it up? Ahah

I haven’t thought about it yet :joy: