Best wallet for new EOS token buyer

The same thing. But it should be something special and unique.

let me know when you come up with the idea
I’m interested:upside_down_face:

Sure:) I will let you know.

How are you going to back it up? Ahah

I haven’t thought about it yet :joy:

Ahaha you’d better make a good business plan for that

Use Lumi Wallet, it’s as simple as it gets and they now give free EOS account for newcomers - and you won’t need to go through complicated registration process.

If you are going to make some operations with crypto I would recommend you to use the most secure way of transactions in order to save your coins. I am using lumi wallet on such a purpose, for example, because nowadays it is the safest and the most secure system in my opinion and provides its customers with the highest level of anonymity. And also they constantly organize different in-app airdrops. Right now they are giving 1000 EOS account for free. Check it out here.