BitShares, EOS and Airdrops


Currently got my EOS in BitShares, as it seemed an easy solution to registering for going live. EOS tokens in BTS will automatically convert from ERC20 tokens to actual EOS apparently.

However, this was before I heard about all the airdrops. Now I feel like I have to go through all the hassle of registration etc., because I can’t find any information about whether Bitshares will honour the airdrops. Anyone have any information on this?


It’s quite unclear to me how the EOS-tokens in Bitshares are actually yours. Is it a bridge or something?? I have a very simple picture about how things should be with EOS-tokens:

  • Own an ethereum address where you are the one owning the private key.
  • Keep your EOS-tokens in that place.
  • Register your EOS-tokens using one of the many tutorials.

It’s a bit of work but you want to be sure that you are the owner of your tokens and that it’s not a “gateway token” or anything else.


Yes, bitshare tokens are not the actual tokens, just blockchain based IOUs. I moved my EOS there because it is more trustworthy than a centralised exchange, and I had to do some OS reinstalling on my home network. Seemed safer whilst I dealt with everything.