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BlockPress is a javascript/jquery driven themeable and customisable CMS, that pulls its data from blockchain apis. It is still in alpha development phase although it is nearing initial beta, which will support steem blockchain post/comment data.

As lead developer I am considering EOS integration for additional data storage. As the platform is intended for multi host and self hosted solutions, the self hosted version will of course require the developer to stake their own EOS, however this should save them on webhosting costs as they will only need to host html/css and javascript files.

EOS development will not begin until the software enters beta.

Advice and support welcome.

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As we are nearing beta and EOS launch is getting close, I’ve started thinking about the first step in EOS integration to BlockPress, which will be storing the site config in EOS.

I have now added a github issue for this task:

My thinking on the EOS based config is that it could allow easy setup of mirror sites that all pull their config from EOS. The owner could update the file in EOS at any time and all mirror sites would automatically use the new version.

I have other ideas for integrating EOS into this platform, some much more complex, but this seems like a good first step.