Bugs found in EOS by the chinese security, truth or FUD?




“According to 360, the person in charge of the EOS network stated that the EOS network will not be officially launched until these issues are fixed”

“Around 2 o’clock on the 29th, EOS has completed repairs.”

I guess this wasn’t a big issue but its was a concern considering the launch in a couple days.


In the comments: “I just checked EOS Github issues and I don’t see any mentions of this bug. How did the 360 team submit their issue and who did they submit to?”

I haven’t verified that comment, but then I haven’t verified the claim that there ever was a bug either. “EOS completed repairs”, according to the Chinese News source. Any independent or official verification?


Fixed a couple days ago. We are in bug squashing time. Bug bounty was set by Dan a few days ago and an outside source found a bug. This issue itself is not such problem. I would like to see a longer time for bug fixing and a larger bounty added, since in a few days this code will need to secure $11B of value.


Thanks @Chaka. Not FUD then, but perhaps nothing to worry about in and of itself, except perhaps, as you say, concern about what other vulnerabilities might remain undiscovered (or undisclosed by their finders)…


There was a bug but was fixed by the EOS team,