Can I hire someone to help me with this issue regarding my keys?


Please advise if you can help with this issue and the cost to get it done.

I setup a Greymass wallet and then later setup a fairywallet with NanoS. I went back into the Greymass wallet and I changed the permissions and the owner key. After reading Greymass error message it said to correct the issue I needed to delete wallet and set back up which I did with my original public and private keys but it still tells me I don’t have authorization because of the change I made above to the permission keys. I saved the public key for this new permission key but didn’t save the private keys.

Now when I go to , I get the following message when I try to airgrab a token:

"name": "unsatisfied_authorization",
"what": "Provided keys, permissions, and delays do not satisfy declared authorizations",

How can I get this corrected? I just need to get my account to go back to the original keys.

Thanks for your help


I’ll pay $50 USD or 10 EOS if someone can help me solve this issue. I do have my public and private keys for the exodus snapshot but since I saved my private keys onto the Nano S ledger and then transferred to Greymass and changed the permission key there, i’m stuck. I’m not able to vote, transfer or do anything.


when you enter your accountname e.g. in , do you know the private keys of the public keys that you see in the permissions section?
If you have access to the keys which are actually on chain, this should be no problem.


I connected to a different node on Fairy wallet and it worked. Thanks