Catch The Frog - New Gambling DAPP


I have been talking with their admin on Telegram and really believe that they are aiming to progress this project into something really special “Catch The Frog”, they currently have a Dice game along with as unique Pond game which are both very good.

I have played a bit on low stakes and the key for me is that it is really fair, which is a massive plus for me compared to some EOS DAPPS right now which appear a bit shady.

If you like a small wager, i’d encourage you to take a look :slight_smile:

Link to the game: CatchTheFrog

Note: This is a referral link if you want to help me out. Just take off the last bit of the address if you dont want to use the referral, once you play the games, I think you’ll see why I really like them.

They have a really friendly Telegram group if you want to check it out:


Do they have a mobile version?


Just checked the webpage, there’s even opportunity to bet on the game