Censorship resistance for Dapps


I’m curious how resistant EOS Dapps are to censorship. Would it be possible to block a Dapp? Would a government be able to block something like Everipedia if it has politically sensitive content?

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We’ll see at least 21 Block Producers which switch every x-seconds. So the blocks are produced all over the world. If someone would attack 1 BP using ddos or something… That BP would miss several blocks and isn’t allowed to produce blocks for 24H if I remember well. So at least you need to attack an x-number of them at the same time in the hope to stop them from making blocks. Others can take over quite fast though and these BPs are in big datacenters probably taking counter measurements.

To connect to the network from home is a bit different. You don’t need to run the blockchain locally. Would be hard as well as it will become quite big quite fast. So to connect to EOS you connect to some BP. And you could pick your own. If EOS is blocked in your country you could use TOR or a VPN to connect to a BP anyway…

For your personal account it’s as follows. Your account can only be blocked after one of the BPs makes a proposal to other BPs to block your account. And it can only be done after 80% (over a 24H period) agrees to block your account. So this way the normal people are quite safe. And even the people with a strong or controversial opinion will be safe. I guess only the true scary and evil folks will get blocked for that reason. Which is a good thing if you ask me.

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Thanks for the reply - so my takeaway is that the chain itself is resistant to censorship, but access to the chain is blockable, unless using a VPN or TOR.

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