Change EOS Keys with Ledger Nano problem

First of all, sorry if my expressions are not the most accurate, but i’m a bit n00b on EOS “linguistics”…

So, my problem is this: I’ve bought a Ledger Nano S. I had some EOS from the ICO time and followed the well known “The Ultimate EOS Guide to the Ledger Nano S” to associate my Ledger Nano keys with my account and have them on the Ledger wallet. Everything was running perfect till here.

Some days after, I had the idea of looking for the Ledger Nano recovery words, just in case they would be needed. I couldn’t find them, so i decided to “format” the Ledger Nano, get the new words and save them, and start all over again. Before this, i’ve moved all my assets to Binance temporarily.

Now, I’ve my new Ledger wallet ready to receive the EOS from Binance, but i can’t change the owner and active keys from my EOS account (i’m using scatter).
I suppose the problem is that i don’t have the private keys actually associated to my account, since they were on the Ledger before its reinitialization…

Is there any way for me to recover my account, or do i have to create a new one?

Thank you in advance.

your Ledger Nano S recovery words are needed, if you loose your ledger or at least the access to the keys on it. These keys will never leave the device. So the only way to access an account which is associated with these keys, is having the keys inside the ledger (or the ledger recovery words to set up a new device).
If you formated your ledger without knowing the recovery words, every account which is associated with these keys is gone.
But you said you moved your assets to binance, so if you still have access to Binance it’s not much that is lost.
When you try to change active and owner keys, which account do you mean? The first account which was created with the ledger keys that are always staying in the ledger and that was formated? So if you did not change those keys to a private key which is e.g. available with scatter without you ledger, then the account is probably lost and you have to create a new one.