Claiming EOS crowdsale tokens


I have already registered my MEW wallet with the EOS contract. But I did not have EOS tokens in it. Then I transferred my tokens to my wallet. Should I claim my tokens using the transaction date/time when I registered?
Do I need to register again since now I have my tokens in the account?
Will the new EOS tokens automatically be transferred to my account in June 2018 when the crowd sale is done?
I need a little more clarity… please help!
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If you used the contract for the ICO than you need to “claim” your EOS-tokens. This is like saying to the contract:

  • Hey, I participated in the ICO and now I want my tokens on my Ethereum-address.

This step is explained on the EOS.IO website.

If you have your tokens on your Ethereum-address you need to “register” an eos-address so you have them them on the EOS-blockchain when it starts. What you’ll do is:

  • Create an EOS-address using a tool. This provides you a public and private key for on the EOS blockchain.
  • Register the EOS-public-address on Ethereum in the EOS-contract and sign it with your Ethereum-private key.

This sounds a bit harder then it is. Creating a EOS-keypair can be done here:

Make sure to disconnect from the internet when you do. So load the website, disable your internet connection and create the keypair. Also make sure to BACK IT UP IN SEVERAL PLACES !!!

As you can see you public EOS-key will always start with the letters EOS. And this address is thet you’ll need to register on the Ethereum-blockchain.

When you’ve done this, the Block Producers will read out the EOS-contract on Ethereum during the “snapshot”. They will assign your EOS-Ethereum tokens to your EOS-blockchain-address. That’s the trick. YouTube has several videos on how to register your tokens:

Hope this helps!


Ok i did not do the ICO
I already had tokens on an exchange.
First, I registered my wallet (the tokens were not in yet).
Then, I transferred tokens to the wallet from the exchange.
I guess my main question is: do I need to register again since NOW I have my tokens in the wallet or am I good since it has already been registered?


Only need to register the address once with or without eos tokens on it. They just have to be there when the snapshot is taken on June 1st.


Hope you don’t mind me being redundant.
So do I need to submit a “claim” or just wait until June 2018?


A claim is when you buy from the ICO. They claim their tokens from the ICO contract and then register the Ethereum address where they store them. If you already bought eos tokens from an exchange then just registering the address is all you need to do.


Makes sense! Thank you :clap:t4: