Claiming EOS tokens


Hello everyone,

I have contributed to the recent token distribution since over than 1 month (3.8 eths) , and I have been trying to claim the tokens but was totally unsuccessful. I have contacted EOS support but couldn’t be of help stating that I may have a problem with my wallet address that could be unregistered address or something.

Kindly request you all if anyone faced a problem like that or have a solution for my problem.

My wallet address

Thanks in advance


Woow, that’s really a problem I guess. ERC-20 contract is frozen as far as I know.

This transaction where you tried to claim the tokens was out of gas. The second try had enough gas but the contract was already “frozen” at that time???

I would really contact Block.One again. Explain the problem.


thanks rene

I don’t understand neither… I have contacted them several time and insist not being liable for this case… I should seek from the community, hoping someone can guide me how to claim back my tokens


Just to make sure… you have had 3 interactions with the crowdsale contract correct? And several ETH still in there??

I guess Block.One will see this as well. They hopefully make a scan themselves and send ETH back to people that have put in ETH but failed for some reason to get the EOS-tokens out.

I will see if I can contact them about this. Will let you know.


Hello everyone,

I join the #350 EOS Distributed, get the unclaimed EOS on 6/2, but can’t register and claim.
I contracted and get the reply below

My address:
If anyone could please help me out that would be amazing,


There is a big difference between claiming tokens and registering them. What did you do exactly? I see you’ve sent some ETH to the EOS-crowdfund contract is that correct?? Close to 1 ETH:

Did you tried to take part in the tokensale? Did you used the instructions on the website?? As far as I can see you never got any EOS-tokens is that correct?

Registering just means that you have an Ethereum-address that’s now linked to a EOS-address.


According to EOS Authority you should be good for 46.9023 EOS.


Thank you Rene and Anton.
I take part in the tokensale #350, and get the unclaimed EOS on 6/2.
Cause I can’t register and claim before frozen, the transactions are failed.
I saw the EOS Authority too, but I didn’t finish register, I don’t know which private key could use?



I got the same problem , unable to claim my token.

Reply from saying that we unable to claim it anymore due to the token been frozen.

Anyone please advise how can we get back our ETH ?


Hi Tan_tee_sing:

I think after frozen, the unclaimed EOS will transaction to your account directly, you could check the record in eosauthority.
Since I didn’t register successfully, I don’t have the private key. I get this reply from eosauthority, and I do the fallback and get the private key, hope it will help you too.

[You can no longer register your EOS tokens but this does not always mean your EOS tokens are lost. Check if you have registered at all by going to If you haven’t registered, you might be able to use fallback.

To use Fallback, you need access to your Ethereum Private Key. If you do have access to your Ethereum private key, Great! Take a look at the instructions here and you will have valid EOS Private and Public keys that you can use for the EOS main network.]


i missed all this information. i have 581.5 EOS tokens which i have not registered. i do not want to lose my money what can i do. Support from says
Thank you for writing back to me. I understand the situation is frustrating and I really wish I could help. is producing the EOSIO software as free, open source software which may enable those who deploy the software to launch a blockchain. will not be launching a public blockchain based on the EOSIO software and it will be the sole responsibility of third parties and the community to implement the software.

It is suggested that the community would launch such platform and include as many EOS Tokens as possible in the genesis file, including EOS Tokens residing on an unregistered Ethereum address.

However, does not guarantee such a platform will be launched and is not responsible for launching such. It is at the sole responsibility of the community to launch such platform. I suggest you to seek out to the community or the Block Producers to find out if EOS Tokens reside on an unregistered Ethereum address is included.

Sara Li


There’s a fallback method for that: