🔵 Colin Talks Crypto Rewards Proxy +8 Sock Puppet BP Accounts Leeching 931 EOS Daily from System

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/gVyQm0bXmqE
● Vote for CTC Rewards Proxy here: https://eosauthority.com/proxy_details?proxy=colinrewards
● 8:36- Eight BPs with sock puppet accounts, leeching EOS from the system.

● More information here: https://www.colintalkscrypto.com/rewardsproxy/

● BP Sign-up info: https://www.colintalkscrypto.com/rewardsproxy

● Participating BPs can view their balance here:

● To determine the current daily reward rate per BP, you can see the daily reward amounts on my proxy account’s list of transactions:

● GenerEOS article “Voter Rewards & CTC Rewards Proxy Smart Contract”:

Disclaimer: This video is not financial or investment advice. Do not buy, sell or trade cryptocurrency, or make any financial decisions based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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