Create a new address and choose username


Please can someone help me.
I am trying to find any information on creating a new EOS account and picking my username before it gets taken. I cannot find ANY information online even though I know this is going on. It feels like this is a huge secret and nobody wants to talk about it.


I already have an EOS account to I hear it is easy to create a new account, Please help.


Use the web toolkit created by genereos with scatter or alternatively cleos(more technical). Usernames at this point must be 12 characters letters and numbers.


How much does a new account cost?
can it just be letters or does it have to have letters and numbers?


8kb of ram required. roughly $0.22 per KB so less than a dollar. And yes just letters is ok


Thank you for your help. I’m just using GenerEOS and scatter now. Cheers!


I’ve just created the account ‘dropshipping’ however, I accidentally added it to my current key thinking that Scatter had created a new one but it hadn’t. Is there any way to move this new username onto its own key pair?


You can do it trough Infinito Wallet for free, they’ve been doing great for some time now. They support EOS strongly.


Please welcome EOS Account creation service.
Now you can do it with MyWish:


hmmn… that make sense…