DApps built on EOS


EOS is a decentralized operating system with the purpose of helping create powerful DApps, decentralized applications. This opportunity will and has allowed incredible projects to surface and start impacting the lives of the cryptocurrency community. Ethereum used to be the platform of choice for developers and businesses to launch applications. Ethereum was the first of its kind, but EOS is newer; capable of more and ensuring the best Blockchain possibilities. EOS is securing their platform through more than just blockchain; they have created a mining ecosystem which works, allowing users voting privileges and aiding in the construction of cryptocurrency through DApp development.

Top Ten DApps

EOS has not only gained attention from the 4 billion USD raised during their year-long ICO but also because of the dominant platform it is. Incredible new DApps are choosing to develop with EOS, here are some of the best in no particular order:…!!!