DCiti - The Blockchain Protocol On EOS For Smart City Adoption of Crypto Based Economy is Airdropping Tokens To The Community


I’m the lead the entrepreneur of DCiti Project and on behalf of the DCiti team, I’m glad to announce to this community that the DCiti Blockchain will be launching soon later in August and our token distribution event has already started.

DCiti is leading a revolutionary movement in both the Blockchain and smart city industry, we are developing a decentralized system that can be used in the planning, building and administration of smart city with a totally new and different experience, all made possible with an all-in-one Blockchain protocol.

With our solution, developers are provided with an easy access to building cutting edge smart service DApps, while Smart Cities and her residents are provided with an opportunity to raise funds for the development of city projects through token offering, and leaders of smart cities are provided with the opportunity to offer secure and transparent governance to residents.

We are building DCiti blockhain on EOSIO and also airdropping our DToken to both the EOS and Bitshares community because we believe in EOS decentralized software solution and the uniqueness of DPOS consensus algorithm. We have seen and experience the Graphene Blockchain invented by Dan Larimer the lead developer of EOS.

DCiti Mission Statement
To be a Decentralized Operating System (DOS) that connect smart cities and free communities to blockchain and make positive changes happen in the best smart cities and free communities of the world.

Community Reward System
We will be greatly rewarding community participation and support for our project and also encourage community building through our unique token distribution model. We believe in community as the major success driver of decentralized projects and that’s why we are having a large part of our token distribution dedicated to both EOS and Bitshares community.

Anyone can join the DCiti movement and become an independent user of DCiti to be eligible for the community stage distribution of DToken. Our online platform for registration will be open soon but anyone can join the movement now on telegram, medium, steemit, discord and twitter.

If you have ideas or any contribution that can help augment our project launch and token distribution event, do reach me personally by sending an email to baniabtc@gmail.com.

White Paper :arrow_right: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qQql35KS54cNNlRv5JeJUNWlbxNJKArZ/view?usp=sharing

Telegram Official Group :arrow_right:

Telegram Announcement Channel :arrow_right: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE6MJyZ7C8zbBdAWMQ

Medium :arrow_right: https://medium.com/@dciti.io

Twitter :arrow_right: https://twitter.com/DCitiIO