Dealing with spam


One of the functions of transactions fees in Bitcoin and other blockchains is to prevent spam transactions on the network. I was wondering how EOS will prevent spam if transactions are free. I know its built to have massive amounts of bandwidth and parallelization, but still, if you hit it with a big enough botnet whats to stop a service from being DDOSed?


That’s a concern for a lot of people. But there are several ways to prevent that.

  • If you use a dApp the website/webdApp will forward your transaction to the Block Producers. The dApp is only allowed to do x-number of transactions per second, depending on what he has staked in a contract. So the dApp/web-dApp will prevent you from spamming to begin with, they can throttle your connection for example. Or just block your transactions for several seconds etc.
  • BPs allow dApps only a certain amount of transactions. So if a dApp hasn’t staked enough, they won’t take the transactions from that dApp.

These are just 2 ways. Several other options as well.


So the dApp itself controls the flow of transactions. Nice!