Deposit BTC - get 100% bonus!


Hello everyone! Thanks for reading this.
EOS projects do NOT stop and go only forward!

There is a game based on EOS blockchain added BTC payment. WooW.
Everyone can deposit BTC and EOS ad the same time and play game.
Link to the game:
Now they are having pretty cool competition calls: Deposit BTC - get 100% bonus back!
More details about competion in the game or in article: Article medium

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What is the game about?


It’s gambling game with EOS and now BTC bets. Pretty cool to play BTC game on EOS blockchain.


Dram. Many games like this have you played? Are they worth bothering???


Yeah, quite groundbreaking ahah


Hmmm. It’s depend of what are you looking for. If you want to have fun and earn a little bit - yeah.


I’ve always been suspicious of gambling, is it worth playing or not?


The gambling games are fun to play. It gives special feelings - Risk! Some users love to feel this:) NO jokes.
You better try by yourself.


Risk to lose money:)


I’m not risky when it comes to gambling, but some day I may give it a try
Thanks for your opinion:)

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