Discussions Development Update, Community concerns about EOS VC and more! Up for Discussions May 10th

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Ticking off our to-do:

Rektkid gets blocked by Brendan:

24 people are talking about this

EverythingEOS asks whether EOS VC is actually meant for EOS.

2:33 PM - May 8, 2020

That really seemed to pressured Brendan to unblock Rektkid:

6:32 AM - May 10, 2020

Voice to launch globally this summer?

Vigor celebrates it’s first anniversary:

PredIQt launches second beta of their prediction market, here is how you can create a prediction market and some extra details an how it all works:


Zoom buys Keybase:


Telegram’s ICO comes to disappointing end:


Acueos is Compound protocol implemented on EOS and allows you to short EOS, DAPP.

BOSCORE team participates in B1 challenge to get ETH smart-contracts running on EOS.


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