Dissecting the EOS white paper


I created this topic to (hopefully) spur some discussion surrounding many of the things discussed in the EOS whitepaper.

The link to the EOS.IO whitepaper can be found on github here: https://github.com/EOSIO/eos

To start it off, here are some of my questions:

Accounts –
What will the cost be to create a user account on EOS? It seems once a user signs up for a user account on any dAPP, that same account can be used to register for any other dAPP which I think will greatly reduce the barrier to entry. (Think of all the web apps that you can create an account with your existing google, facebook, twitter account, etc.)

As it relates to Accounts, it seems like the white paper references it is going to be in the ball court of the dAPP developers to initially “fund” a user account. It says the cost to create a user account will be a nominal amount, but I wish the white paper was more specific. How will account creation work from a technical standpoint? Will it be similar to ripple wallet where each account is required to have a minimal reserve to function? How much EOS would it take per account or how is it decided?

I know there will be account recovery features, but will there be other security features like two factor authentication?


I don’t know that number, but nobody will charge you like 20 dollars or something. I agree this will help us a lot. 1 account to trade, do social media and do whatever on EOS.

I don’t really know about that. I guess this is something the Block Producers will provide? Like picking a certain BP to connect to the EOS network?