Do I have to be online when I send the transaction under register in MEW?


Well I have done what the instructions called for on the EOS-website.

I went in under “registration” in MEW and then pressed “write”. I did this while I was offline. But then I tried to generate the transaction. And this only seemed to work when I went online again. Can this be done only when online to the internet?

Also it said at first: “(error_09) Please enter a valid gas limit (must be an integer. Try 21000-4000000.)”

What does 21000-400000 mean? Am I giving my entire balance to ethereum or something? Or how much gas is 21000-400000? :slight_smile:


You need to be online to connect to the Ethereum-blockchain.

Gas is a bit of Ethereum to pay for the transaction. There are several websites providing info on gas:

You can see there how much ETH you pay for the transaction.


Ok thanks

I guess this does not mean a 1000 dollars or something right? It just sounds like a lot right? “21000-400000” :slight_smile: