Do you guys know Bowgun & Cedar provides legal/regulatory advisory services?


Bowgun & Cedar, a blockchain consulting start-up, combines bright blockchain technology with legal/regulatory advisory services to provide one-stop comprehensive solutions for high-tech blockchain companies, as well as corporations which are willing to promote and upgrade their business with blockchain technology.

Developing smart contracts, security token offering and legal & compliance consultation services are the three primary businesses of Bowgun & Cedar. Bowgun & Cedar can help customers to prepare legal/regulatory documents, develop smart contracts based on sound legal framework and provide one-stop legal/regulatory solutions for STOs, including entity registration, token issuance and trading (exchange) of security tokens.

Bowgun & Cedar has shown unrivaled technological expertise in the real case and assisted HashFuture in completing the following projects:

  1. The first jade asset tokenization project in China.

  2. The first real estate tokenization and offering project in China.

Bowgun & Cedar has helped HashFuture accomplished Open Asset Protocol and Real Estate Investment on Blockchain models, which were covered by the Xinhua News Agency, the People’s Daily Online and other mainstream media. Those two projects have earned a positive social and professional reputation in the blockchain industry for Bowgun & Cedar and HashFuture.

Bowgun & Cedar team has rich cross-border legal/regulatory experiences, deep understanding of blockchain technologies and abundant deal execution capabilities in the fields of law and blockchain. With the excellent technical understanding and the spirit of exploration, Bowgun & Cedar will strive to offer dynamic, professional and efficient services to our customers in order to reach the win-win situations.

We provide solutions with strengths:

  1. Different kinds of asset tokenization and trading on our legal compliance asset management platform;

  2. One-stop Security Token Offering solution;

  3. Blockchain company registry, corporation governance, investment and financing advisory, legal/regulatory services and customized smart contract developing.

Contact and business cooperation: Alex ZHANG


Do they have an official webpage?


Sorry.:neutral_face: We don’t have our own website yet. Our business partner website is, and the real estate project web link is We provide legal & compliance services to them. Also, you are welcome to send an email. Have a good day!