EMANATE, a Dapp that REALLY works! Paying musicians for their streams EVERY 6 SECONDS!

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a post to bring awareness to Emanate & it’s Alpha version that released almost 1 week ago.

This will be really short post, but, did you know musicians are currently being paid every 6 seconds?

Thanks to the “Smart Collaboration”, a digital contract used within the Emanate Network, musicians will now be fairly & instantaneously compensated for what they love to do the most, & the listener will for sure know that his favorite artist is being compensated.

This is really an interesting project built on EOS that everyone should be paying attention too.

Make sure you go to emanate.live & make yourself a listeners account & start enjoying the music that is currently up on the platform (Take into account that this is the Alpha version, it is the MVP, so it still won’t have many features on the platform)

Emanate Homepage: http://bit.ly/emanatealpha

Once you create your profile make sure you go ahead & listen to my single “Everyday” on Emanate :slight_smile:

Click here to listen “Everyday”: http://bit.ly/emanatechevs

If you have more questions about the platform make sure you hit us up at discord!

You can get all your questions answered there.

P.S. I wanted to put more images, but I’m a new user so I couldn’t :frowning:

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Thanks brother for this. I will sure find this very useful since I a singer-songwriter.

I’m happy you found it useful brother! If you have songs you can submit them to upload them. Join our discord & shout out for kdamken so I can help you with the process :slight_smile: