Eos adventages over NEO blockchain


I was trying to find an answer what adventages will eos have vs neo. NEO use dBFT which seems a little bit better than dPOS regarding the terms of security. Also NEO smart contracts can be developed in c# java kotlin, and they are working on support for other languages like java script and go. NEO can also process many tPOS. Only one i can think about is that there are no fees, but in neo you recieve gas for holding neo so it is also kind of ‘free’


I don’t know that much about NEO to be honest. I’ve read about them and I think it’s cool what they’re doing. Their current system has a new block every 15 seconds:

At the moment, the block generating rate is manually set at 15 seconds. With low enough latency in inter-nodes connection in the future, most blocks will be generated by every 1 second. With the bandwidth at 100Mbit/t and external cryptographic computing hardware, NEO Blockchain is capable of handling thousands, if no tens of thousands, of transactions per second.

EOS is based on Bitshares which has proved to handle 3 second blocks for years now. Looks like Neo is working to get the latency down in the hope to support a 1 sec. blocktime. I wonder why it still is 15 seconds then?? EOS devs are working on a 0.5 sec. blocktime.

Overall I think they’re doing quite the same. And that’s a good thing. Same for Qtum and probably a lot of others. Smart contracts are cool and we need them to scale.


I don’t know a lot about NEO either.

I think one of the biggest advantages EOS is going to have over NEO is the 1 billion$ war chest set aside to fund Dapps to be implemented in the EOS ecosystem.

Basically block.one is going to be like a VC firm and fund the most promising projects to be built on EOS. Even some of the biggest VC firms don’t do 1 billion a year in funding. It’s a great idea to launch EOS while having many working Dapps at launch of the platform.

As far as security is concerned, I am not really familiar with NEO, but I don’t think bitshares has ever had a problem with the network not functioning like it should due to DPOS. I could be wrong though. I am confident if there was a better system Dan would have used it.

EOS will also have much broader distribution than EOS. From looking at the wallets (from another posts on this forum), I don’t think anyone has more than a 1% stake in EOS. I doubt that distribution exists in any other crypto out there today, but again I could be wrong.


I guess neo has a lot of of $ set said to fund Dapps and they are doing it now, almost every chinese ico has to go through NEO directly