EOS DAC airdrop: never received

Have a MEW, still haven’t received eosDAC coins from the airdrop from earlier in May. I was over 100. Can anyone explain why this might be? any info/help is appreciated.

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Have you added the token contract address to your wallet? I know my EOS were invisible my metamask wallet until I told it the token address. Then they magically appeared. Maybe same for eosDAC?


EDIT: I think I got the wrong contract address, now corrected.

Hey Anton,
Thanks for the response. Just tried it, and get a red banner at the bottom saying "Token is already added as a default token, try clicking the “load tokens button to see it.”

To clarify - i do see “eosDAC” as a coin within my MEW, but it shows 0 coins, and doesn’t reflect the amount of EOS, its like it wont let me add a coin that’s already listed, and I don’t know why but I never got coins dropped into the account - my EOS was definitely in place at the right time.