EOS dApp-collection (31 listed currently)

I hope to present a list here of all EOS dApps and projects that are working on EOS integration. These could also be projects that run on several other platforms like Ethereum, Qtum etc. as long as they’re looking to work with EOS as well. Let me know if you miss one so I can add them. And for the devs out there: make sure to create a topic for your EOS dApp in the #apps category.

1. OracleChain

As the world’s first application built on an EOS ecosphere, OracleChain needs to
meet the demands of the Oracle (oracle machine) ecosystem by efficiently linking
blockchain technology services with various real-life scenarios.

Website: http://oraclechain.io/
Whitepaper: http://oraclechain.io/files/oraclechain_white_paper_en.pdf

2. Tokenika

Created for building industrial-scale decentralized applications.
It’s fast, scalable, flexible and usable. We aspire to contribute to the emerging EOS community by providing information & tools, and by developing dapps.

Website: http://tokenika.io
TEOS platform: link

3. Everipedia

Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern age. With over 6 million articles and counting, it’s already the world’s largest English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.

Website: https://everipedia.org

4. Scatter

Scatter is a Decentralized-Application Bridge for the EOS Blockchain.

Website: http://scatter-eos.com/
More info: link

5. Billionaire Token

Decentralized games on the blockchain. Currently on Ethereum “Until we migrate to the EOS Blockchain.”

Website: link

6. EOS Commander

EOS Commander is client for EOS blockchain node for smart contract developers.

Google Play: link


A Player Founded, Free to Play, Low Graphics, Highly Immersive, Turn Based, Science Fiction MMO built on the EOS Platform

Website: link
More info: Steemit

8. Awoo! DAC

The Awoo! DAC is a collaboration and crowdfunding platform for people who want to achieve epic missions. One could say that Awoo! is the invisible paw of the EOS blockchain.

Website: awoo.net
Telegram: link
More info: ink


Next-generation mobile game advertising on the blockchain.

Website: https://plactal.io/
Whitepaper: link
Twitter: https://twitter.com/plactal_io
Telegram: https://t.me/plactal_io


ONEPAY is a revolutionary point of sale (POS) system that allows businesses around the world to begin receiving major cryptocurrencies as payments from customers.

Website: https://one-pay.io/
Whitepaper: link

11. IRYO

Redefining Global Healthcare.
Unleashing the value of medical data for the new decentralised healthcare economy.

Website: https://iryo.io


CYBEX is a decentralized exchange that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto-assets that’s more transparent and secure than the centralized counterparts currently in the market today. CYBEX is an ecosystem that’s built and operated by a network of likeminded partners across the globe in a decentralized network.

Website: https://cybex.io
Whitepaper: Link

13. ONO

The world’s largest free, open-source, decentralized social network for new generation

Website: http://www.ono.chat/
Interview: link


A Portal to EOS Ecology

Website: https://meet.one/en/

15. HireVibes

HireVibes is an open source jobs platform that will operate as a Decentralised Autonomous Community on the EOS.IO blockchain.

Website: https://hirevibes.io/
Whitepaper: link

16. Insights Network

Blockchain-Based Data Exchange. EOS gives Dapp Builder’s the ability to build Commercial Scale DApps and support thousands of transactions per second with Parallel Execution, Asynchronous Communication and Separates Authentication from Execution.

Website: https://insights.network/
Whitepaper: link

17. Traffic Exchange Token

A new protocol for the Advertising Economy powered by EOS.

Website: https://www.txtnet.io/

18. Emanate

Discover sound from the source.

Website: https://emanate.live/
Whitepaper: link

19. Carmel IO

Learn How To Build A Better Future For All Of Us
Grow Your Tech Skills With Programming Challenges And Earn Experience Points

Website: https://carmel.io/
Whitepaper: link

20. Prospectors

Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy

Website: https://prospectors.io/

21. Irespo

We believe that the blockchain technology is the solution to transparent and effective global data exchange and analysis.

Website: https://irespo.com/

22. Chintai

A global decentralized leasing platform

Website: https://chintai-eos.io/
Whitepaper: link

23. Zimbra X

Zimbra X has been built from the ground up to be a container-based, cloud-native product that can powerfully leverage the advancements of blockchain technology.

Website: link

24. EOSchat

EOSchat is an EOS mobile client and next-generation decentralized social network that integrates digital currency storage, main network high-speed transaction, EOS elite community and encrypted instant messaging.

Website: http://eoschat.io/#/

25. Starteos

Your first smart digital wallet.

Website: https://wallet.starteos.io/#/

26. Azarus io

A fair, reliable and transparent platform to play and bet for tokens.

Website: https://azarus.io/

27. Cards & Tokens

A place where you can create, exchange and collect
cards of any topic and make money in the process.

Website: link


UNICO enable digital creators worldwide to turn their content into limited- edition cryptocollectibles

Website: https://www.unico.global/
Whitepaper: Link

29. Mooon Network

The first microblogging social network rewarded by the contribution of content publisher and content discover powered by eos.

Website: https://moooon.network/

30. Lumeos

Lumeos is a decentralized social media platform that empowers people to monetize their data by answering and creating short polls.

Website: https://lumeos.io/ 5

White Paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_q00Z6C5WuD_7hKFkOwKKJlMaMw9IBH0/view?usp=sharing

31. Boid

The social Supercomputer

Website: https://www.boid.com/

*Make sure to do your own due diligence. We do not endorse or promote any dApp ICO or other crowdfund.



A Player Founded, Free to Play, Low Graphics, Highly Immersive, Turn Based, Science Fiction MMO built on the EOS Platform

Website: http://www.sfeos.io/
More info: www.steemit.com/@sfeos

  1. the Awoo! DAC is a collaboration and crowdfunding platform for people who want to achieve epic missions. One could say that Awoo! is the invisible paw of the EOS blockchain.

Website: wolf.social (we will upgrade to awoo.net)
Twitter: follow @mutton4u and use #AWOO! for mutton tokens
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/EKDw8xFy74p7fbUBFDjjwQ


Hi @rene - FYI: both the links are broken in the website link for sfeos in the main post.


Hi rene, I’m Introducing ‘mithrilcoin.io’, an EOS DApp. https://mithrilcoin.io/


Do any of these (other than Everpedia) plan to do an airdrop of tokens?

I only know about Everipedia so far.

Hi there,

I just launched https://eosindex.io - it is a Directory for EOS based Projects. You can Submit, Comment and Rate Projects and Communities.

I would love to see you guys checking out the Website and maybe even submitting projects!

Make sure to leave a comment :slight_smile:

Take care,


This is great, I just tweeted it out. I have some trouble connecting to your Telegram channel. I am connected but I can not post for some reason.

Where are all the programmers?

Are you going to buy the domain name for Awoo?!

Here is another one for your list. It’s ONO, the first social network to be launched on EOS. I did an interview with the CEO and Founder: https://medium.com/@stellabelle/meet-ke-xu-徐可-cryptodogs-creator-ceo-and-founder-of-ono-a-social-network-launching-on-eos-dba1c7d02dea


EOSindex is a great resource to see still great variety of projects in early stage, shared the link also on Steemit (german post)


Wow, thanks for sharing that one. A very useful list. Here is a direct link for anyone having trouble wading through a German post:

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Hello every, I also discovery a block explorer https://eosblock.co


We’re listed on EOSindex but as many people seem to be interested in EOS d-apps now it’s a good excuse to share our project. Emanate.live is the most comprehensive and logically planned decentralised ecosystem for the music industry.

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Thanks for sharing! Just added your project to the list :+1:.

Hi @rene. Could you add to the EOS DApps carmel.io ?

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Hi guys. I want to introduce our project https://prospectors.io/
The Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTS) powered by EOS blockchain. The Free Market Economy. Play and get a real cash reward.

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Hi Rene,
We changed the name of our project, so 15 and 9 are the same project. Please erase 9. Please move 15 to 9.

Thanks in advance.

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