Eos for us citizens


Hi, is it legal to purchase EOS from an exchange if you’re a US citizen? Also, do you need a special key in order to claim them at some point?


As far as I know joining the ICO isn’t allowed from the US. But I never heard of US traders not being allowed to just buy them.

You need to store them on an Ethereum address where you own the private key. And kust like all others you should register your EOS tokens before the blockchain starts in June 2018.


That’s how I perceive the situation. It may be illegal for block.one to sell to US citizens but no law against US citizens holding the tokens. Just like you can hold foreign stocks.


Agreed, USA citizens can purchase from an exchange no problem. As the others said, if you buy on an exchange make sure;
-transfer the tokens from an exchange to an ether wallet where you control the private keys like Myetherwallet.
-register you EOS public key to your Ethereum address.


I am new to crypto and purchased EOS on Binance. I’m confused about if tokens still need to be registered. I went to the EOS website and don’t see where to register tokens. I’m reading the blockchain will go live June 18, 2018 and that EOS Ether tokens will be worthless unless registered. If I purchased off Binance exchange does it mean these tokens are already registered? Any help is appreciated


Yes, it’s a bit confusing. You should create an Ethereum address with something like Myethwerwallet and make sure you are the owner of the private key. Backup it on several devices.

Move your coins from Biance to your Ethereum address and search for a guide on how to register them. it’s a bit of work. But is can be done:


One of the tutorials I watched on registering tokens said to use a different wallet for your EOS. Is there any reason why you can’t, or shouldn’t use a wallet that contains other coins?


I saw that tip as well. Have no clue why. The following happens when you register:

  • You’ll create an EOS private and public key.
  • You’ll sign you EOS public address with your Ethereum private key.

That way you’ve proved to be the owner of a certain EOS and a certain Ethereum address. So whn EOS goes live you import your EOS private key and your tokens are there from the genesis block.

So I personally don’t worry about any other tokens being on the same address on Ethereum.


Thank you very much …