EOS governance vs ETH scalability - Bitcoin China Centralization - My Portfolio - Bullrun breakout

• Video referenced (a highly recommended watch):
“Century of Enslavement - The History of The Federal Reserve”

• Bitcoin is more centralized in China than EOS. A comparison of BTC hashrate geographic centralization in comparison with EOS BP centralization.

• EOS governance issues compared with ETH scalability issues. Which is greater?

• Why I sold 20% of my EOS for BTC.

• EOS proposal to reduce inflation from 5% to 1% with 98% community approval:

• My portfolio comparison from March 2019 to August 2019.

• Venting and ranting about EOS shortcomings in governance.

• Famous quotes about control of money:

• Outro rap song with Crypto Feez & Colin Talks Crypto – “Panoramic EOS” (produced by Crypto Feez)

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my own and are not to be construed as financial advice. Do not buy, sell or otherwise trade cryptocurrency based on the content of this video. I am merely sharing what I have done and what I would do in various situations as an educational tool only.

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