EOS News on Telegram

Here is a great channel to follow of the fastest EOS News: https://t.me/EOSNEWS_English

thanks, just needed it a lot

Just very in time, that I found your TG channel. Thanks for the link.

I thought there is no TG EOS channel :sweat_smile:

Joined. Thanks! :sunflower:

Nice! I am happy to see telegram being a part of so many communities!

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Joined your channel at last!

Oh, thank you for sharing! Joined!

I use it on a daily basis so I think it’s quite convenient to get the news this way. Telegram has got a lot of options.

Yeah me too :raised_hands: I am subscribed to many different news channels, of course, including crypto news. By the way, what is your fav crypto news channel? I think CoinTelegraph is my preference

I like https://t.me/cryptonews_official as well

Thanks for sharing! Joined~

Nice! The only TG channel I’ve used before was Cointelegraph, but now I’m gonna have a look at it as well

Do you prefer their TG option or use the website cryptonews.com as well?

Oh yeah, I like Telegram, it’s quite convenient to use

Sure, you’d better do it

I have no access to their TG option, so I only use their website

Why? Can not use Telegram in your country?

I just do not use TG. Although I don’t know if TG is banned in Vietnam

TG now is like the best messenger for communication and even internet marketing