EOS News on Telegram

I’ve been using so manyTG channels, so I honesly don’t remember if I follow EOS TG channel.

Really? I thought it is banned only in RUssia

That’s the best messenger I’ve known so far

Yep, absolutely agree with you

My friends in Russia use it with no problems

Oh, I didn’t know there’s a Telegram channel, thanks for the link, I’ll check it

Really? You should definitely see it, all the campaigns are now in Telegram

When I open it as a tab in a browser, it doesn’t work without VPN. However, as a desktop version and an app, it works just fine. I know they upgrade the software on a constant basis

Although, I use TG only for campaigns. I prefer Whatsapp to reach out to my friends. Don’t know why exactly but it seeems more convenient to me

I joined some days ago. Thanks!

Yes, I also use this Telegram channel.

Yeah, I use both the desktop and mobile versions

Whatsapp is more out of date as for me. There are no funny sticker packs or gifs :slight_smile: But calls work better in whatsapp, don’t know why.

Congrats and welcome! How do you like it?

Thanks! I’m learning a lot of new things, and I like it
How long have you been here? Seems like you’re not a newbie:)

I prefer WhatApp more than Tetegram. I like the interface.

I use both of them, and I have the same opinion like you

There are no funny stickers and many other user-friendly options

Yes but actually I have never used stickers a lot. So it’s not a big problem for me.

There are many stickers in WhatsApp as well, and you can create your own one