EOS-oriented exchange CODEX announced Q1 2019 Roadmap. Check out EOS-related features to be implemented


EOS-oriented exchange CODEX announced the Roadmap for Q1 2019 and disclosed implementations to be done for the beloved EOS community.

EOS Wallet Implementation
CODEX users will have a rare opportunity of a free EOS account registration (as you know, creating a new EOS account is not free).

EOS Staking Under Users’ Control
CODEX managed to work out a foolproof system that guarantees its users exclusive access to their funds so that they never have to worry about their EOS coins being unjustly used for staking or any other purposes. Fair enough.

EOS 1-Click Login With Private Key
CODEX will allow its users to access the platform easier and faster, without having to compromise on security standards. With different EOS wallets integration (for example, Scatter) users will be able to use a private key to log into a CODEX account securely.

Other important features are Fiat pairs and Broker account.
Check out the full CODEX’s roadmap: http://bit.ly/CODEX-Roadmap-Q1-2019