Eos registered address not the one appearing in snapshot, has changed on it's own



First of all I made two seperate purchases of EOS tokens. First lot I sent to my wallet properly. The second lot I sent to the crowd sale contract address by mistake.

I registered my wallet address used in all transactions with my EOS public address on MEW and checked this registration, all good!!!

EOS Authority said that my 1st lot of tokens were registered to the ETH address with the EOS public address and that I had such amount which I would receive via fallback.

After checking EOS Authority registration again after the distribution date has ended, EOS Authority is now saying I have all the tokens I had purchased (As one total) only they are going to a different EOS registered address which I do not have the private keys to.

Will I still be able to access my tokens without the private key to the EOS public address?

The snapshot eth wallet address is ok. Just the EOS public key is wrong.