EOS, Registration and Binance



I have questions related to EOS and Binance…

I bought EOS before 1st June and after 1st June (yesterday) on Binance.

I did not follow the registration process, as I was simply unaware of it (!).

However, I understand Binance is registering all tokens on my behalf. However, few important questions are still pending:

  • Will both my tokens bought before and after 1st June be registered and fine?
  • If yes, does it mean that I will get all airdropped tokens or only those compatible with the Binance policy? I saw 3 have been announced but what about the others?
  • if only some will be dealt with by Binance, shall I withdraw my tokens from Binance when I can (currently locked) and keep them on my nano ledger to access all upcoming tokens?
  • Once I get a token on Binance or my nano ledger, what will actually happen? How will I be able to access and/or sell it?

Some clarity has been provided, but not all, and I find it quite frustrating to be honest.

If you have a minute to spare to help it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,



Hey, a lot of questions I don’t know the answer to as well. Binance will support a few aidrops, but I don’t know what they will do when it comes to the snapshot date. So maybe you’ll get some of the tokens before the snapshot you’ve had.

Registering the tokens is not really the right name, although I use it as well. What you people actually did was registering an EOS-public-address in the Ethereum contract. Binance for sure did that with their addresses (where they hold your coins).

If I were you I would dive in to the different EOS-wallets out there and find one you like. Next I would create an address and back it up really well. If you are the owner of the private key you are the owner of the address. That way you’ll get a bunch of aidrops even if you didn’t were part of the snapshot. A lot of these projects will look at the snapshot but I guess a lot new ones won’t.


Thank you! So are you saying that, once I have transferred my EOS tokens to my nano ledger (once Binance allows me to do so again), I will be getting all future airdrops and may just be missing those not supported by Binance in the first place?