EOS Registration gone wrong!


Please help, any advice would be great.

I sent my EOS tokens from my MEW to the EOScrowdsale before I registered my MEW. I then registered my address and I have checked that my Public key and MEW are registered, which they are, but my balance is 0 though. In a nutshell I did step 1(get keys) , then 3 (Send tokens to crowdsale), then 2(register)! The register failed on gas and I didn’t check it before I sent the tokens I thought you had to send the tokens.

Question is, will it still link up after June 1st and I can then claim my coins. Or is there any way to get them back now or is there a way after 1st June to show proof of ownership and claim them? Or am I completely screwed?


Hi it doesn’t matter where you get your eos how many you have how many you sell as long as when your ready to hodl you register the ones that you intend on holding …I suggest you go buy some more and do step 1-2-3…hope that helps



go buy more…I want to know if I have lost the 433 I had or not? Surely I am not the only one to send tokens to the EOScontractsale address without registering, I assume they will snap shot that address. It was a big mistake, but I think lots of people have done it


My apologies I didn’t read the last line properly… here is a link to try
https://eoscollective.org/registering-eos-erc20-tokens/ There are a number of help scenarios