EOS Social Media: Does it pay its users?


I’ve heard that an EOS social media platform is being released.

I’m wondering: will it pay like Steemit does? And will people have the opportunity to connect their platforms to the EOS database, so that their users get paid for posting, like platforms have already done (i.e. Blockchan, Dtube, Dmania)?


I’m only speculating here, but I suspect that would be up to the dApp creators how to implement. I suspect EOS would enable all kinds of payment solutions, including paywalls.


There may be a misunderstanding:

On Steemit, you get paid Steem Dollars when people upvote your content. I’m wondering if EOS is creating a similar technology, where people get free cryptocurrency for posting


No misunderstanding. I’m familiar with the Steemit platform and have had an account there with over 1000 followers.

I think what you are misunderstanding is that BlockOne, who are build EOS, are building an Operating System upon which decentralised apps (dapps) can be built.

A dapp developer could, in theory, build a post/comment/like system that works exactly like steem, but they wouldn’t be limited to following that model, they could even mix and match. In other words, EOS is much more flexible in theory, but it would need a successful dedicated dapp to compete with steem directly in the content reward market.


I hope this social network launches in June as well. Would be quite interesting to see what it’s all about. We’ll probably see several social networks on EOS in the coming years.


Oh yes. I remember Dan saying somewhere that an EOS social network is being planned. Don’t know about when it will launch. I believe he said it would be quite different to steem though.


Oh I get it now! Thanks


You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


I can’t source where I heard it but I am certain Dan said that Block.One will be building Steem 2.0 on EOSIO


That’s awesome! I hope it would be ready before 2019.


i curios how would it look like.