EOS StackExchange Q&A site proposal


Surprised no-one has shared this here yet, but EOS are trying to get a dedicated Q&A support site on the StackExchange network (which includes the popular programming help Q&A site, StackOverflow).

To launch it currently needs 35 existing stackexchange members with a reputation over 200 to support it.


Update: The proposal now only needs 31 existing stackexchange members with a rep over 200, as we got 4 more since I posted this yesterday…

“69/100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site”

Even if you don’t have that amount of rep, it is still worth signing up your support. The more the better.


71/10 Now, so 29 experienced stackexchange users still needed…


76/100 now, so slowly getting there.

However, it might also be worth supporting the general ‘Blockchain Technology’ proposal, which is currently on 82/100. EOS Q&A could survive quite well as a set of tags within a more general Blockchain themed site.



Well the EOS.IO proposal is now on 99%. 1 more StackExchange user with rep over 200 needs to commit and it enters beta.