EOS token after Mainnet start


After launch of MainNet( 2nd of June) ,on which wallet we can see the Native Tokens


Haven’t found an answer on that yet … I’m assuming that we will need to create a wallet on the new main net… then use our pri key ( that came with the pub key when we reg our eos) to get our eos dropped in the new wallet

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Thank you for the answer! But I belive this should be already clarified since the launch is after 3 weeks! How we can be sure that the native token will be usable soon after launch of Mainnet?


hi again

eos isint up and running …so we cant claim tokens from our pri key until atleast that happens and from my experience you need a wallet … so well prob have to create one in the new eos mainnet … something like that … Tacit


There are a number of wallets planned for launch including Scatter EOS, Pearl Wallet and EOS Commander. Possibly also a hardware wallet from EOS.Cybex.

Edit: I think that direct link isn’t working because the EOS.IO StackExchange site is in private beta right now.


Check here for the three wallets I mentioned above:



Thx for the info! I am going to check all of them


For those who are still looking for a good wallet to support eos platform. This’ a multi-asset wallet I’m using and very fond of it. I think people is old-kind when keep sticking to the old wallets with very slow reaction to issues like this. Just use the one fastest and most convenient one guys. Of course it’s safe and free too.


Lol never use mobile wallets !
Entering private key on mobile device is big risk people must realize this !
We need linux app c or c++ native linux app!


that’s old-style mindset man. I have both cold & hot wallets. Mobile wallet is more convenient for me in some specific cases.


They can be handy. Back in the day I first managed to buy BTC using an android wallet and an ATM. The wisdom at the time was to keep no more in your mobile than you’d feel comfortable keeping cash in your physical wallet.