EOS token after Mainnet start


After launch of MainNet( 2nd of June) ,on which wallet we can see the Native Tokens


Haven’t found an answer on that yet … I’m assuming that we will need to create a wallet on the new main net… then use our pri key ( that came with the pub key when we reg our eos) to get our eos dropped in the new wallet

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Thank you for the answer! But I belive this should be already clarified since the launch is after 3 weeks! How we can be sure that the native token will be usable soon after launch of Mainnet?


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eos isint up and running …so we cant claim tokens from our pri key until atleast that happens and from my experience you need a wallet … so well prob have to create one in the new eos mainnet … something like that … Tacit


There are a number of wallets planned for launch including Scatter EOS, Pearl Wallet and EOS Commander. Possibly also a hardware wallet from EOS.Cybex.

Edit: I think that direct link isn’t working because the EOS.IO StackExchange site is in private beta right now.


Check here for the three wallets I mentioned above:



Thx for the info! I am going to check all of them