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Beside being the first on the market, EOSBet casino is a first licensed casino dealing with EOS games.

We are currently offering Dice, Baccarat and Crash games to our users.


Throughout our first months of operating EOSBet, we focused on a lot of different aspects of our platform and we listened to our great community of players. One of our biggest priorities when developing EOSBet is security and we dedicate a big part of our work to ensure that we provide our users with the best possible gaming experience. As the first truly decentralized igaming dApp developed on the EOS blockchain, we are proud to lead the way for other startups in this industry and look forward to launching new products and services.

We are taking security very seriously, and since the launch, we have applied various techniques with regards to security enhancement in terms of:

Extensive and robust internal code testing
Expanding our team with the best developers
Use expert 3rd party auditors
Improved monitoring systems and smart contract implementation
Improved bankroll monitoring and implementing safeguards in case of drastic drops

Our smart contracts have undergone rigorous testing by of one the top-tier auditing firms dubbed as Hacken.

Moreover, we would like to address an ongoing speculation regarding the safety of our users’ funds. As a truly decentralized application we would like to point out that we do not take custody of users’ funds. We do not require our players to deposit any funds on the EOSBet platform. Players take advantage of a dApp called Scatter, in order to place their bets on our system.

All of our smart contract code will continue to be open sourced, and based on extensive audits our Dice game and all other upcoming games, will continue to be provably fair.

A lot of new entertainment content is coming in the upcoming weeks.
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