EOSISH Airdrop | Token for EOS Contract Builder


MyWish is a smart contract platform that is set apart from the other platforms by its support of all major blockchains – including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and now EOS.

As one of the first Smart Contract platforms to embrace multiple blockchains, MyWish has made a name for itself in the blockchain community as a forward thinker and advocate for the advancement of blockchain. MyWish previously released its own WISH token on the Ethereum token.

It has now released a token, EOSISH (EOS + WISH) used specifically for creation of EOS smart contracts on September 12.

The Airdrop will take place on October 16th, with the following generous distributions:

For those who hold WISH tokens: 19 803 895 EOSISH tokens will go to the WISH tokens holders (1 EOSISH for 1 WISH)

For those who hold EOS tokens: 20 124 902.4 EOSISH tokens will go to the EOS tokens holders (2 EOSISH for every 100 EOS)

For the Team of great developers: 5 000 000 EOSISH will be assessed to Team account

For Bounty reasons: 5 071 203 EOSISH

MyWish believes in EOS’s capabilities of becoming the fastest blockchain, so for any crypto pioneer, this airdrop is a necessary one to keep an eye on.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:What a great summary of trading and coins. Yes,:grinning:


Didnt get an Airdrop on the 16th Oct. Yet another Airdrop that didnt deliver on the stated date. I’ve lost count of the EOS airdrops that cant stick to what they said.