Eoslotto.win - hourly smart contract lottery built to showcase the power of EOS

Today eoslotto.win begins “Testnet Gorilla Alpha” phase, meaning we have deployed the smart contract to the jungle2.0 testnet. The website is fully functional with Scatter, so long as your Scatter has a Jungle2.0 testnet EOS account contained within one of your key pairs.

eoslotto is a simple, provably fair, hourly lottery run by an EOS smart contract. It works like this:

  • The Jackpot is initially seeded by eoslotto

  • The object is to buy a ticket that matches the last 2 digits of “drawing block”

  • Each ticket costs 0.1 EOS (currently testnet EOS, so no risk)

  • At the top of every hour, we store a time and a hashed secret on chain. At the end of the hour we concatenate the block header for the block produced at that time (close to XX:00 of each hour) and the secret and generate a sha256 hash of that. The last two digits in that hash are the winning result.

  • Should a lucky player buy the winning ticket, 70% of the jackpot is awarded. Should multiple players buy a winning ticket, the 70% jackpot is shared equally

  • 1% of the jackpot goes to whoever referred the winning account.

  • 1% of the jackpot goes to the house

  • 28% of the jackpot goes to reseed the next jackpot

  • If no one wins the jackpot for that hour, the entire amount rolls over to the next drawing.

  • The referral system awards 1% of ticket sales to the referrer.

  • All payouts are automatic to your EOS account.

This is the first version of the site, and we have a lot of work to do in order to get it ready for mainnet. We hope some community members will join our telegram channel, buy some testnet lottery tickets, and give us feedback on what to improve!

telegram: https://t.me/eoslotto