EOSTime - EOS Auction site + EOS Faucet - [New]


I would like to invite you to try out our new EOS auction site.
It is the first site of its kind.

How Do Auctions Work?
Each auction has a countdown, during which, users can place bids. Auctions are made up of two time zones; the Green Zone and the Red Zone. During the Green Zone, users bids can cause the timer to drop closer to zero. However, once the timer drops into the Red Zone, say less than 20 seconds (it depends on the specific auction), new bids can bump the timer back up to 20 seconds.

Oh no!!! I hear you cry, this sounds like a Fomo3d auction. Don’t worry we made sure the auctions always end in a reasonable time period by adding a maximum number of bids.

Auctions designed to run faster have a lower max bid allowance and once the max bid countdown reaches 1, the next bid WILL win.

Earning TIME Tokens
Every time you bid you earn 5x the bid amount in TIME tokens. Every time you win an auction you win 10x the prize amount in TIME tokens as well as the EOS prize.

Stake Free Dividends Earning
We never require you to stake your TIME tokens in order to earn from them. Simply owning the tokens is enough. No need to claim. We make everything as simple as possible

EOS Faucet
The site also has a nice EOS faucet that pays out once per hour

Try it out: http://eostime.io


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