Erc20 (MEET.ONE) instead of EOS


Hi. I participated in the EOS ICO using Metamask. After buying twice last may i registered and claimed (but not an obligation as stipulated on the EOS site) the EOS token and received them on the Metamas wallet. I bought one more time end of may but didn’ t claim the token. My ether wallet is : 0xE556Ad6C19D9dF8C37692113Eb45EE178BF00B83

i can see that i have EOS tokens (47+49) but what about the Erc20 (MEET.ONE). What is that? what do i do to get EOS instead of this Erc20 (


Hey, EOS has its own blockchain now:

You should use your key-pair in a wallet to access them. The link above describes all.